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Mary Cummins Branch Cumminians - Facebook Death Threats

I have been on Mary Cummins Facebook page for quite some time, and like many others, was shocked at her 6.1 Million Dollar loss when she claimed to be a whistle blower against the alleged cruelty that Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary supposedly committed. During trial, numerous discrepancies were brought to light, mostly about what a huge liar Mary Cummins actually is. I was one of the people who believed her for many months, until I read the trial transcript and found out that Lollar was only one of a long string of victims targeted by Mary Cummins. And of course there were the results of the many investigations that Amanda Lollar was forced to endure because of Mary Cummins false reports to USDA, USFWS, TPWD, IRS, the TX Attorney General, CDC, DEA, Texas State Department of Health, the City of Mineral Wells city officials (where Bat World is located), the Police Department, the county DA, Texas Veterinary Board, Bat World's grant funders, HSUS, ASPCA, Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, American Sanctuary Association, and hundreds of other animal rights organizations. The results of those investigations convinced me of who the liar really is.

Mary Cummins, you see, has been labeled a sociopath by dozens of people who she has victimized. She also runs a supposed animal rescue called Animal Advocates, but a records check shows it has been suspended since 2002. Being a sociopath, Cummins is quite convincing (a sociopathic trait).  She is so convincing, in fact, that  some of her followers believe to this day that she is telling the truth about Lollar. Most of their belief stems from a video that Cummins filmed at Bat World where Lollar was saving the life of a mother bat who had a baby stuck in her birthing canal. Cummins manipulated the video and made it look like Lollar was killing the bat. The baby bat was still-born and the mother bat lived because of Lollar's help. What Cummins didn't realize was that Lollar is highly trained in this procedure, and Mary Cummins entire fabrication would eventually unravel in court. Two veterinarians testified on behalf of Lollar at trial; one stated the procedure was textbook, and one of them even stated that if she had a bat in trouble she would drive the bat from SD to TX to get Lollar's expert help. At the conclusion of the four-day trial, the Judge declared that Amanda Lollar is to bats what Jane Goodall is to primates.

But why did Mary Cummins target Lollar in the first place? Well, it seems that Mary Cummins is a carreer litigant, and she thought (allegedly) that she could extort money from Lollar after claiming to have bumped her head while interning at Bat World. Lollar saw through Cummins and refused to pay up, and Cummins retaliated by posting defamation and then spreading it using Google bombs.

Here is the clincher, in typical sociopathic style, Cummins who has been stalking and harassing Lollar for over three years now, is trying to claim that she is the actual victim. That is what sociopaths do; it's a well-documented trait. Click to read what Lollar's attorney Randy Turner states about Mary Cummins, who is now stalking him. It's a very interesting read.

Mary Cummins recently filed a temporary restraining order (TRO) under false pretenses against Amanda Lollar, and began saying that Amanda Lollar is threatening to kill her as well as her animals, and even hired a thug to beat her up and videotape it (see video where in reality she was actually legally served with papers by a CA Process Server). (BTW, the restraining order was thrown out of court and Mary Cummins was ordered to pay over $6,000 in sanctions to Lollar's attorney's for making baseless claims against Lollar. Seems the Judge is apparently accustomed to crazies and saw right through Mary Cummins.

Could it be that Mary Cummins wants to kill Amanda Lollar because she exposed her for what she is - a cyber-monster. It certainly makes me wonder, especially when she continually makes comments like this on her Facebook page:

Mary Cummins It's official. LAPD told me Amanda Lollar Is "extremely mentally ill." Officers said sane people obey TROs, Crazies get even crazier just like Lollar has done, They said no restraining order can protect me from her craziness, I should get a gun, I told them I had a couple. They told me to have it loaded at all times and within easy reach, Done.

Mary Cummins  The police said if she shows up at my home, work, where I keep the animals, I should shoot her. I Just want her to leave me alone. I've sent cease and desist to her lawyers her to leave me alone and that I have a gun. Cops said common sense does not deter crazy people. I showed them the childish, petty, disgusting things she sent to me when she though she was anonymous.

Mary Cummins   Every single officer told me I should shoot her. I went to the police academy, took the gun class, I've been gong to the range, I took a tazer class at Pasadena PD few years back which was very helpful. They told me to shoot the person after he disobeys my orders once. First few times I waited until the practice crim disobeyed me three times. I finally got the hang of it. Yes, I'm prepared to legally defend myself against this crazy person

Mary Cummins   I learned a lot today talking to cops, detectives and a criminal lawyer for LAPD. You can hit someone if you like as long as you don't send them to the ER. You can also threaten people all you like. You can commit as many misdemeanors as you like. Cops won't do anything. They would only do something if someone commits a felony in front of a cop. Basically you can do anything you like short or [sic] rape, robbery, murder. In fact you can also do those things as long as there are no witnesses or evidence. 

And just like the Branch Davidians followed David Koresh, her minion Facebook Branch Cumminians blindly follow Mary Cummins while never even bothering to look up the truth. But more disturbingly, Mary Cummins incited her blind followers into posting death threats against Amanda Lollar, which they freely did on an wide-open, public Facebook page for the entire world to see.

Laurel Pittel Bloedorn  Mary whatever you do ... if you shoot her make sure you shoot to kill.  If she she survives she'll sue you!

 Kim Lores Bodaglo  You're doing great girl. Take that menace to society down.

Mary Cummins
The police actually told me to shoot her dead.

Kathie Wheater
too messy

 Leon Seidman Leon Seidman  Remember the revolver has no springs in the clip so go soft. Happy hunting.

Mary Cummins   Revolver also less likely to jam.

Kathie Wheater send in a drone. fill in the blanks

Carly de JaĆ©n  someone needs to throw water balloons filled with urine at her.

Parrot Michaelle
It is so sad that they actually tell you to shoot her instead of doing the jobs they are paid to do and arresting this Amanda lady. You have the patients of a saint because I would have "done her" long ago !! I pray for you daily and I will continue to until this mess is over for you and you have JUSTICE !!

Mary Cummins These people like to flip it around. Bat lady says I'm the one stalking her. Yeah, right. She's the one who hired a guy to trespass and then assault me.

Eli Yarbrough  ...She needs to be held underwater for about an hour...

 Anthony J Rodriguez Mary, You still got your GUN...

  Victor M Rivera Graham Get you bazooka ready if you need help to recharge it I'm here just call me, I hate suckers and MF

This would almost be funny if it weren't so damn scary. Who knows which one of these crazies might actually take matters into their own hands and kill Amanda Lollar, someone who has done no wrong at all, and someone who actually did us all a favor by taking down a true cyber-monster.

And where is Facebook in all of this? What is happening on Mary Cummins Facebook page is against their Terms and Conditions, but they have allowed it to continue for over three years despite numerous complaints, from what I have witnessed. Maybe malignant Mary Cummins has them convinced, too.

This page is being shared with the police as Mary Cummins has since deleted the comments that were on her page, but I have a hard copy of the evidence (and you know nothing ever really goes away on the internet). With luck, the police will be contacting all of the people listed on this page, and likely Facebook as well.

In the meantime, please stay safe Amanda; it looks like a lot of people are gunning for you.



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  1. I'm very angry at this women. She has been attacking me now for about a month now, simply because Randy Turner is my attorney and represented Amanda Lollar in her defamation lawsuit against the one and only Mary Cummins. She's done nothing but make my life a living hell from day one. Once she knew about my case and Randy taking my case. She took complete control over the Fort Worth Star Telegram article that I thought was suppos to be about me and my Therapy Animals. Cummins started making very mean and defaming comments about me and those who support me on the comment section of both articles that the newspaper printed on me. She made so many attempts to take over a story that had not a damm thing to do with her. She destroyed any and all support I would have received from those articls and the people who wrote them. Because of Cummins, the editor had no choice but to shut her down because she tried using multiple ID's to make these comments. So many people came to my defense. Cummins has cost me about $10,000 plus in meaningful support from people who just wanted to help. I won't ever be able to recover from that. these are just 2 articles she took from me and my beloved animals. She even interjected herself in both of the WFAA TV stories that channel 8 did on me and my Therapy animals. She went and did the same thing on both of those stories so much that channel 8 had to shut her down by blocking her IP, yet she was able to make comments in another user name thus destroying and taking away what would have been people who could have given me the full support that I needed to survive from all this. Cummins took this away from me. She doesn't even know me, yet she can do so much damage to someone who is obviously disabled. Hell I never knew who she was before my attorney mentioned her to me. Frankly I don't really care who she is if she just leaves me alone. Sense that's obviously not the case with her, I decided that standing up to her was the best solution to a very difficult situation. Cummins went and posted some very discouraging things about a GoFundme account that a friend of mine made for me if people wanted to support me. I have lost thousands of dollars to Cummins making comments about me and her posting on other websites that I was trying to commit fraud in order to get Mirabella to pay us off. Just another one of her antics to destroy me through my attorney. She has continued to post so many blogs online about me that I may not ever survive getting past everything she has posted about me.